Advertising day, for a dying breed?

Tomorrow im visiting an event called ”Reklamdagen” in my home town
Malmoe. It means : ”Advertising day” and it´s arranged once a year. Very
inspirational and well arranged, all the local agencies are there and so am
I and some of my colleagues.

I believe in ”Change or Die” and that agencies that do not change their way
of doing marketing/pr will vanish very quickly (i held seminars about this
since 2007). The good thing is that it´s happening. Agencies are a dying
breed and the whole industry is undergoing a big change into something
better. Today I rather talk to a Heart Director then a Art Director.

It will be great tomorrow and I look forward to hear how the agencies are
changing themselves into smart companies with soul. I look forward to see
the presentation of how campaigns 2010 should look like. There is a really
good speaker lineup, I really look forward to hear them out. I’m sure it will
be a great show tomorrow!


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